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About Us
We, the founders of KHOWL 98.7 FM, began our radio station quest with little more than the change in the seat cushions and dreams of a bygone radio era and all it stood for: A time when a family would gather around the Marconi together, when listening to the radio was an activity, and the content was MORE than just background noise.

To us, the principles of GREAT RADIO are simple:
  • Quality content
  • Quality sound
  • Personal connection
  • Engaging listeners with LIVE broadcasts
  • Community involvement and interaction
  • and above all HAVING FUN along the way!
We BELIEVE in everything that goes in to making GREAT radio!

The Pack Alpha. Chasing his dream of radio ownership might be compared to chasing his tail... except that he finally caught it! The station is his reason for living. He loves radio and everything about it. When he's not in the studio, you can usually find him getting his claws dirty hiking somewhere, enjoying the sunshine and the scents and sounds of nature.
Blackwolf is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, and powered by Intel. Inside his nerdy tech exterior is a passion for radio, music, and speed. When he's not paws-deep in a computer or tangled up in the cables of a network router, he's clutching to the sides of his shiny red and black GSX-R1000 motorcycle as he zips around the scenic back roads.
Dr. Feelgood is our premiere show sponsor. He brings the fun to the House Party. No, really... he provides 100% of all the alcohol consumed on the show. He's a farmer, entreprenuer, family man, and the owner of several area businesses - even a strip club! Dr. Feelgood is honest, blunt, and would give you the shirt off his back. We're proud to call him part of the Pack.
The aptly named Stormwolf joins the pack from TV land. KHOWL has teamed up with the KFOR 4WARN Storm Team out of Oklahoma City to bring you up-to-the-minute real weather forecasts throughout the day from 4WARN Meteorologist Aaron Brackett aka Stormwolf. He is crazy about weather like we're crazy about radio!
When he's not on his bad-ass Harley motorcycle touring the scenic back roads of Southwest Oklahoma with his biker pack or keeping the power flowing and the hospital lit out at the Fort Sill Army Base as a high-voltage electrician, he's rockin' out here at the KHOWL studio with you on The Workday Escape weekdays from 2pm to 5pm!
Probably the biggest dumbest animal of the bunch. At 6'8" tall and just about as wide, our newest DJ rocks you all the way through your lunch hour on The Mid-Morning Meltdown with true passion for music. Squatch is all heart and loves radio damn near as much as Snarl does. Oh, did we mention he's in a band? Check out Blank Directive.